Rosehip fine cut

This beautiful looking fruit is a shrub belonging to the family Rosaceae. It contains substances that possess significant therapeutic properties.

The product is processed in modern plants Agroprodex an outstanding and dedicated staff in these tasks. Grows wild or cultivated in regions VII and X in Chile, in general, those with a cold and rainy weather.
The shell of the Rosehip has a high content of vitamin C. From the seeds of the fruit which constitute up to 70% of his weight, can be obtain oil that has small amounts of transretinoic acid, a substance substance that facilitates the recovery of damage skin.


This product has availability from February.

Harvest Process Availability
December to February February to December February to December


Product Description Size Quantity per FCL20
Rosehips Fine Cut Paper Bag 25 Kg x Bag 800 Bags

* Specifications may vary depending on the specific customer requirements.