Who are we


Agroprodex Internacional S.A is a company founded since more than 50 years, mainly Oriented to export and import Agricultural products.

Year by year, it has earned the reputation of being one of the main exporter and importer of agricultural products in Chile. Accomplishing the highest quality standards, ensuring to correspond to the trust that we daily receive from our national and international Clients.

The company has a huge contact network inside and outside of the country, showing a continuous growth over the time, due the excellence of our products and the development of international business for more than 50 years and with more than 40 countries per year.

Agroprodex International SA, has six processing plants, packaging and own warehouse with temperature control, located in Paine , Santiago, San Felipe, Chillán, Linares, and Longavi’s Farm.

Our Main Export products are: prunes , Raisins, Walnuts , Almonds, Rosehips, honey, for Chilean market we offer the following products: Rice, oil, canned products , legumes, pet food.

Our main international markets are: Europe, middle east, oceania, latinoamerica, asia, North Africa, north America.

“The Comprommise of Agroprodex Internacional S.A is to archive quality products and exceptional Flavors, from Chilean farms to the rest of the world”.